Cathedral of the Christ the King – Superior, WI

Date of Review: I attended the Christmas Day Mass at 1030 am with Bishop Powers presiding.

Architecture: Italianate style Cathedral completed in 1927, this is a great example of what the Roaring 20s (1920s, unlike what my boss tried to style in the first two months of 2020) did to architecture and construction in the US. A great looking Cathedral from the outside.

Celebrant(s): Bishop Powers was the lone celebrant, which was a bit disappointing, but he did a good job of proclaiming the Homily and preaching the Gospel, which was a little more focused on a broad spectrum of those disadvantaged individuals than a specific issue.

Congregation: Incredibly weak attendance, and not all that vocal. Very disappointing for Christmas day in a Cathedral right on the border of two states where Wisconsin is way less restrictive than Minnesota.

Decor: Simple, but simple. The columns were a nice touch, but relative to the larger city of St. Cloud (St. Mary’s), and the smaller city of New Ulm (Holy Trinity), the interior decor was lacking. No significant improvements in the apse, and the columns were the best feature in the nave. The interior was in good condition, though.

Location: Downtown Superior, less than a mile from the Minnesota bridges, but it didn’t seem to be that lively of an area, and that may or may not have been reflected in the congregation.

Musicians: It felt like a normal parish Sunday mass, not Christmas, and not at a Cathedral.

Volunteers: Ushers were active at offertory, but that was it.

Overall: Exterior architecture is about all to love. If Duluth weren’t across the state border, it wouldn’t be worth a visit.


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